2005 Legislative Summary (Regular Session)


Failed Bills Only:

HB 328 – Sponsored by Representative Brian Baker & CoSponsored, Rep. Kevin Wilson. Prohibited all public institutions that receive state funds from adopting a discrimination policy that would exceed current federal discrimination guidelines. (This would have prohibited any special rights for anyone based on homosexual behavior.)

HB 476 – Sponsored by Representative Jenee’ Lowe & CoSponsor, Rep. Thomas George. Prohibited discrimination based upon a person’s sexual orientation. This terminology would create special rights for homosexuality and a host of other sexual fetishes.

HB 829 – Sponsored by Representative Kevin Wilson. Revises the state’s hate crimes statute to include any person who is targeted as a crime victim due to their identification with any specified group, perceived or otherwise. This bill would remove the current list of all politically correct protected groups of people (including homosexuals) and make the law equally applicable to all citizens.

HCR 30 – Sponsored by Representative Barbara Fraser & CoSponsored by Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford (Missouri’s first elected open lesbian to serve in the General Assembly). Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution. Passage of the ERA would create a host of abortion and homosexual rights, including a direct attack against traditional marriage!

SB 293 – Sponsored by state Senator Joan Bray. Prohibited discrimination based on anyone’s self-proclaimed sexual orientation.
Same as HB 476 above.


Failed bills:

HB 83 – Sponsored by Representative Scott Rupp. To create a crime of displaying ‘adult’ films in vehicles where children could see them.

HB 122 – Sponsored by Rep. Kate Meiners & CoSponsored by Rep. Sam Page. Creating a Porn Tax – (Addicting the state budget to porn)!

HB 390 – Sponsored by Representative Jeff Harris and CoSponsored by Rep. Juanita Walton Head. Making it a crime to sell or rent video games to a child when the video game has been rated mature or adults only by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

SB 65 & SB 67 – Sponsored by Senator Maida Coleman. Allows the courts to order convicted persons to pay costs for prostitution-related arrests and offered to strengthen other prostitution statutes.

Passed Bills:

HB 972 – Sponsored by Rep. Rod Jetton – amended with ‘adult’ industry regulations first sponsored by Senator Matt Bartle in SB 32. The bill covers a variety of crimes (see CRIME and DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE).

Pornography provisions include:
Restrictions on operation of adult cabarets and sexually oriented businesses. A sexually oriented business is defined as any adult cabaret or any business with over 30% of revenues from sales of sexually oriented material. In its provisions regarding sexually oriented businesses, the bill makes it a class A misdemeanor to:
    (1) Exhibit films of sexual activity at a SOB, unless several specific restrictions are met. Violation of this provision allows a county prosecutor or Attorney General to enjoin the business as a public nuisance;
    (2) Be nude or show, simulate or perform a sex act in a SOB;
    (3) Appear semi-nude in a SOB, unless the person is an employee and stays at least 10 feet away from all customers, on stage at least two feet from the floor and behind a railing at least 2 feet in height;
    (4) Touch customers in a SOB while semi-nude; or
    (5) Allow any person younger than 21 years of age to enter a SOB, except for delivery or building repairs.

A sexually oriented business may be closed as a public nuisance if the owner of the business allows any kind of criminal activity to occur on the premises.