2005 Legislative Summary (Regular Session)

Passed Bills:

HB 353 is a multi-faceted crime prevention bill. In part, the bill prohibits employers, after January 1, 2006, from requiring a person to use his or her Social Security number as an employee number for any type of employment-related activity.

SB 355 applies to agriculture. In a key provision of the bill, all sales of foods which are not potentially dangerous, and is sold by religious, non profit or charitable organizations, shall be exempt from food inspection laws.

SB 1 allows employees to opt out of the provisions of workers’ compensation law for religious reasons.

SB 420 modifies numerous provisions regarding judicial procedures and personnel. Included in the bill is a provision stating that health care providers and employees of religious institutions may be excused from jury duty upon timely application to the court. Courts must specify the date a prospective juror will appear for jury service before granting a postponement.

Failed bills:

HB 150 – Sponsored by Representative Marilyn Reustman and CoSponsored by Rep. Brian D. Nieves. Exempts all property used for charitable purposes from real and personal property tax

HB 761 – Sponsored by Representative Margaret T. Donnelly and CoSponsored by Rep. Cathy Jolly. Establishes a state run rating system for child care facilities operating in Missouri. Religious centers would never qualify for a reasonable rating unless they submitted to state licensing!

SB 161 – Sponsored by Senator Charles Gross, and HB 825 – Sponsored by Representative Kathy Chinn and CoSponsored by Rep. Lanie Black. Establishes the “Founding Documents Protection Act” in order to protect materials commonly censored out of schools and classrooms because of references to God, when such documents are related to history, patriotism, and civil rights.

HB 900 – Sponsored by Representative Barbara Fraser. Changes the types of entities exempt from the licensure requirements for homes for children. Requiring church sponsored ministries to submit to state licensing and controls.

HR 1176 – Sponsored by Representative Mark Wright. Urges the United States Congress to enact the Constitution Restoration Act of 2005 to resolve the improper judicial intervention in matters that are related to any acknowledgment of God.

HCR 3 – Sponsored by Rep. Jack Jackson. To affirm the Missouri Legislature’s support of the use of the national motto “In God We Trust” in public buildings in Missouri.

SB 111 – Sponsored by Senator John Cauthorn. Broadens disqualifying misconduct in employment law and allows some individuals to waive protections of the workers’ compensation law for religious reasons

SB 514 – Sponsored by Senator Luann Ridgeway – Prohibits any action against a state or local public employee for acknowledging God.