~ Special Prayer Request from Under the Dome ~

The official photographer for the Missouri House of Representatives is Mr. Tim Bommel.

Tim’s wife Annette Bommel and their family need immediate and serious prayer! This home school family recently delivered their eighth baby. A few days after the baby was born, Annette was seized with pain and sudden complications that doctors first thought to be a brain aneurysm (2-5-06). Tests revealed a brain tumor and surgery ensued with 95-98% of the “class 3 tumor” being removed. Annette has since suffered complications due to a blood infection, brain swelling, and blood pressure problems. Permanent brain damage is a concern to the family. The brain swelling is still an issue but does not seem to be getting worse at this time. Doctors are focused on getting control of the blood infection more than addressing the remaining tumor at this time. With all that is going on, please keep the Bommel family in your prayers!

Co-workers and family members are collecting donations of gift cards for Walmart, Kmart, and other local businesses in the Jefferson City area to assist the family during this time of crisis. Fellow home schooling friends are helping out with the children and are trying to keep life as ‘normal’ as possible for them. There are needs for daily materials as well as prayers (school supplies, paper, art paper, pencils, erasers, pens, watercolor paints, brushes, anything along those lines).

Children: Katie-19, Derek-17, Jonathan-15, Anna-13, Tim-11, Ben-7, Lydia-4, Rebecca-2 Wks

Do NOT send donations to Missouri Family Network. Please direct any assistance or expressions to:

Tim & Annette Bommel
55040 Gander Rd
California, MO 65018

(Internal capitol communications regarding Bommel family developments/needs are currently being coordinated through Pattie Wehmeir, Human Resource Specialist, Room B-22, 201 W. Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, MO 65101. 573-522-6854 Phone * 573-522-2301 Fax)

– Week in Review –


The Senate Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee took public comments during hearings on SB 609, sponsored by Senator Jason Crowell, to protect the conscience rights of pharmacists who do not want to be forced to provide abortion drugs.

SB 609 is a very powerful piece of pro-life legislation. Under current law, there is no protection for pharmacy employees who are being forced to supply the ‘morning after’ abortion drug; commonly called Plan B. The abortion industry has been successful in their distortion; by marketing Plan B as contraception, it has been distributed to pharmacies across the country. And since Plan B is considered a contraceptive, no parental consent is required in Missouri. Fortunately, the owners and /or companies are allowed not to carry this abortion drug if they choose not to. But for all the pharmacies that do carry this abortion pill; there is no protection for the pharmacists who do not wish to hand out these ‘take home’ abortions.


The Senate Pensions, Veterans’ Affairs and General Laws Committee held a public hearing on SB 637 sponsored by Senator John Cauthorn. This is the senate version of legislation to allow Missouri to join with the vast majority of other states in providing for midwives and the practice of midwifery. This, and the house bill, HB 974, sponsored by Representative Cynthia Davis, seeks to recognize the rights of home-birth mothers to enlist the aid of midwives. Currently, midwives and midwifery is illegal in Missouri unless practiced in partnership with a physician. Expanding the law would provide greater health care options since the vast majority of doctors refuse to partnership with midwives or offer midwifery services. The current law leaves average home-birth mothers in an unhealthy position and penalizes those who would attempt to help!

The house bill was adopted last week by its legislative committee with a “do pass” vote. It will be sent to the full House for debate in the near future. The Senate Committee will vote next week.

Also in this same senate committee, members heard testimony on SB 763, sponsored by Senator Bill Alter. This bill would prohibit grocery stores or convenience stores from selling individually packaged or refrigerated beer. Senator Alter’s bill directly targets establishments who sell ‘ready to drink’ alcohol. It is hard to walk into a gas station or convenient store with out seeing the oversized colorful posters, and cardboard cut-outs (usually with horses, mountains, or under dressed supermodels). It’s just as hard to get a soda, bottled water or chocolate milk with out seeing single serve bottles or cans of beer. These individual servings, are marketed so you can have “just one”. Now, we know that not every one who drinks is an alcoholic, or drinks and drives. Although we may agree to disagree on the consumption of alcohol; please keep in mind this legislation is targeting problem drinkers. For the individual struggling with this issue, the choice between buying a case, or one perfectly chilled can of beer; this choice may help make a life altering decision. Will it make a difference? We’ll find out, but we must do something; alcohol is the number one factor in all traffic fatalities.


The House Committee on Children and Families heard public testimony on two pro-life bills.

HB 1485, sponsored by Representative Allen Icet (R) authorizes an income tax credit for contributions to qualified pregnancy resource centers. This tax incentive should have a major impact on funding for PRC centers around the state. There are about thirty of these centers currently, and they depend on contributions to keep their doors open. This bill outlines a major tax credit for anyone who donates to these centers. It’s exciting to see state government keeping with the Biblical role of government to ‘reward those who do good’ by authorizing this tax credit.

HB 1539, sponsored by Bryan Stevenson (R) creates a Health Care Rights of Conscience Act which allows a health care professional to not participate in a health care service that violates his or her conscience. HB 1539 is the House version of the pharmacy conscience act. This legislation protects more than just pharmacists who refused to pass out these ‘take home abortion’ pills. This house version contains stronger language; by using the term “health care professional” instead of “pharmaceutical professionals” we both strengthen, and broaden the coverage of this legislation. Legislation such as this is powerful for other reasons, namely it protects those who say “we ought to obey God rather than men”.

Both these bills were voted “do pass” by the House Children and Families Committee! You can watch these bills clime the House Perfection Calendar as full House debate hits the floor in the days to come. (Thank you committee Chairman Susan Phillips!)


Thursday morning the House of Representatives debated and approved SB 578 to restrict staged protests at funerals. The House passed the bill, but in a different form than the Senate version of the bill. A conference committee will be appointed to represent each chamber and a compromise version will emerge to be adopted in both bodies. Eventually, a final bill will be signed into law by the Governor. MFN will report on the final version. But for now let us repeat a summary of what we told the legislative committee members – no ‘so called’ “preacher” who would organize hatful protests of funerals can call themselves a “faithful minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”!

In the Senate Thursday morning there was a Missouri Press Association panel on embryonic stem cell research held in the Senate Lounge. There where four main speakers for this event, Dr. Richard Chole (Pro-Life) and Dr. Steven Teitelbaum (Pro-Kill-for-Research), (both from Washington University), along with Attorney General Jay Nixon and Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder.

First up was Dr. Teitelbaum, who gave all the reasons to support SCNT (human cloning), including the claim that in ten to fifteen years we might be able to cure Parkinson’s Disease. Dr. Teitelbaum was honest about the fact that SCNT actually is cloning, stating that Dolly the sheep was made through the process of SCNT. Unfortunately, Teitelbaum digested all the typical politically correct rhetoric to say that SCNT wasn’t cloning after all.(?) He went on to say that the definition of ‘cloning’ is purely semantics, and we (the voters) shouldn’t really bother trying to define it… we should just support the ballot (clone & Kill) initiative.

We should expect to see and hear much more of this rhetoric the closer we get to November. So don’t get lost in the middle of the political two-stepping, and double talk. Remember, the truth is on our side – Human cloning is human cloning, no matter how you hide it behind political babble.

Dr. Richard Chole was also given the opportunity to speak, being careful to point out that although he worked at Washington University he was not representing them. Chole gave compelling scientific arguments that life begins before implantation. He went on to say that since SCNT (somatic cell nuclear transfer) was cloning when used on a sheep, then it would be cloning when used on a human. Also he addressed the issue of adult stem cell research, which currently has over sixty treatments and cures, and which has proven by far the more effective application. Finally, in closing, Dr. Chole addressed the deceptive nature of the ballot language.