– Week in Review –


SB 562, the “Unborn Child Pain Prevention Act, sponsored by Senator Chuck Gross was discussed in a public hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. SB 562 would require doctors who perform abortions at or after twenty weeks to counsel women about the medical evidence pointing to unborn fetal pain, and to offer pain medication for the unborn child.

By the gestational age of twenty weeks, a baby is too large to be ‘flushed out’ with a chemical abortion. So abortionists dilate the cervix and, using a pair of forceps, literally rip the unborn child in pieces, so he/she can be removed. This particularly brutal and excruciating procedure (around 800 or more a year in Missouri) is revolting to think about, even if you are ‘pro-choice’. However, we must remember that the women going into these horrific procedures truly believe the lies they have been told. They have been taken advantage of, and convinced that the ‘blob of tissue’ inside of them is not a baby. The “Unborn Child Pain Prevention Act”, is a powerful tool in helping these women understand the truth that a living child is at stake, and he/she does feel pain.

Please continue to pray for the women considering these, or any type of abortion; as well as the doctors who are performing the procedures.

It’s very easy to get upset and judgmental on topics like this. Let’s not forget the single most important thing these young mothers need to hear is the love of Jesus Christ. Let’s also not forget that it is our job to show them, tell them, and demonstrate to them the power of His love.

Watch for pro-life legislation to be moving forward in the weeks ahead!


HB 1066 was heard in the house Judiciary committee. HB 1066 would deny bail to individuals who have been found guilty of sex crimes (under current law, these individuals can, and are, released back on the streets during the appeal process.) The Senate Judiciary Committee held an extended “roundtable discussion” on sex crime legislation. Watch for the provisions of HB 1066 to be included in a more comprehensive legislative package to be forthcoming from Senator Matt Bartle’s committee shortly.

The house also heard SCS SB 578 (senate committee substitute for senate bill 578) in committee. This is the amended version of SB 34, “Spc. Edward Lee Myer’s Law”, prohibiting the protesting of funeral services. Having already passed the Senate last week, this proposal places limits time and location limits on those who would protest a funeral service. Missouri Family Network included in our testimony that anyone who would organize and lead such protest could not be considered a faithful minister of the Gospel! (This is all in response to the so-called ‘reverend’ Fred Phelps who bases his ‘ministry’ on hatred and media antics which bring shame on the church.)

Tuesday evening President Bush delivered the State of the Union address. In his address Bush restated, yet again, his position on embryonic stem cell research, calling for congress to ban “all forms of human cloning”. As a challenge to Missouri, here is what President Bush said:

“A hopeful society has institutions of science and medicine that do not cut ethical corners, and that recognize the matchless value of every life. Tonight I ask you to pass legislation to prohibit the most egregious abuses of medical research – human cloning in all its forms … creating or implanting embryos for experiments … creating human-animal hybrids … and buying, selling, or patenting human embryos. Human life is a gift from our Creator – and that gift should never be discarded, devalued, or put up for sale.”


Wednesday morning, House Speaker pro tem Carl Bearden presented HJR 39 before the House Children and Families Committee. This House Joint Resolution proposes a constitutional amendment safeguarding our First Amendment right to pray on public property. The proposed amendment does more that just protect the religious freedom of our children in public education; but it also provides protection for individuals in license offices, libraries, and other public property. You can expect to see much more of this legislation as the Session continues.


Kiddy Casinos – Slots for Tots – Chucky Cheese on Steroids

SB 913 received a public hearing in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. Proponents testified to the virtues of “amusement devices” that should not be considered “gambling” under Missouri law because the industry would be willing to limit potential prizes for each round of play to be ‘limited’ to no more than five dollars ($5.00) in prize value. The fact that these machines, often designed to mimic slot machines or other casino ‘games’, only cost .25 cents to a dollar to play, with the allurement of higher valued prizes, has earned this legislation the sarcastic nicknames of “Slots for Tots” and “Kiddy Casino” bill. However, we also use the term “Chucky Cheese on Steroids” to help lawmakers understand that bills like SB 913 is not about clarifying current law directed at children’s arcades – but at inviting a whole new aggressive industry to Missouri which targets children and youth with predatory economic tactics that condition minors to casino gambling!

ACTION NEEDED: Please write your state senator and ask them to NOT fall prey to the lobbying tactics of industries which target children with gambling ventures disguised as mere “amusement”!

Please keep us in prayer as we daily struggle to defend the Family according to biblical principles.