Should you be taxed by state government to give contraceptives to anyone who asks for them? (Including unmarried sexual partners and minors without parental consent!)

Last week the Missouri House of Representatives passed a series of budget bills comprising the 2007 Missouri State Budget.

Included in this 21 Billion dollar budget is over nine and a quarter million dollars for county health departments ($9,227,000).

HB 1010 establishes the line items for the Department of Health, including this program. However, during the committee markup
of HB 1010, Rep. Margaret Donnelly (D – St. Louis) managed to add language to the bill requiring what activities and services these funds would be used to provide. Rep. Donnelly’s amendment included mandatory “family planning” services and “fertility treatments”.

There is no debate – “family planning” is predominantly a program for indiscriminately handing out contraceptives to whoever ask for them. (Sometimes pushed on those not deemed politically correct or financially acceptable enough to risk pregnancy.)

By the time Pro-Life/Pro-Family lawmakers realized what had been inserted in the bill, HB 1010 was already headed to the full House for debate.

On March 15th, Representative Susan Phillips (R – Kansas City) offered an amendment to HB 1010 to reverse and remove the Donnelly amendment.

This amendment not only removed the mandate that your tax dollars be used in such an offensive manner – but also added an specific restriction on such abuse of public funds! Passage of the Phillips Amendment effectively prohibits agencies who already currently provide such ‘services’ without legislative authorization – a practice not uncommon.

In a vote of 96-YES to 59-NO and 8-absent, the Phillips Amendment was adopted!


Due to the adoption of the “Phillips Amendment” the abortion industry, joined with the political and religious left, have initiated a major campaign to aggressively attack lawmakers who supported the Phillips Amendment. Their goal is to have the restrictions against public funded condoms stripped from the bill, thus restoring the ‘sex subsidies.’

By targeting House members who voted to protect your tax dollars, abortion industry supporters and others who believe in ‘sex subsidies’ plan to weaken the resolve of lawmakers so condoms and other contraceptive devises can be put back into the bill in the Senate. If this plan works, House members would be much less likely to fight for the restrictions. Your tax dollars would once again be abused to supply contraceptives to people planning on premarital and/or extramarital sexual behavior, including minors with no parental involvement or consent!


Listed below are the 96 members of the Missouri House of Representatives who voted to support the “Phillips Amendment”
to restrict your taxes from being abused to subsidize illicit sexual activities. PLEASE contact these Representatives and tell them “Thank You” for protecting both your tax dollars and the public coffers at large. Let them know you appreciate their stance on the issue and remind them that politicians who want to hand out condoms with no moral standards can pay for them themselves!

Also listed below are all members of the Missouri Senate. Please encourage them to keep the “Phillips Amendment” and not allow bureaucrats at the Department of Health to abuse your taxes or other public funds as ‘sex subsidies as they finish adjusting the 2007 state budget during the next few weeks.

All correspondence should be sent to:
Representative/Senator (name)
State Capitol Building
Room (room number)
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Please include your full name, address and phone number with any communications.