MONDAY, April 17, 2006

Easter Break – No session

TUESDAY, April 18, 2006

Legislators came back ready to work; approving and sending out 15 appropriations bills.

Senate Judiciary Committee was packed out with forty to fifty abortion advocates lining up to testify in favor of Senator Joan Brays’ SB 943. This so called “Prevention First Act,” would radically change the State position on both abortion availability and accessibility. Here is the break down of the provisions in Senator Bray’s proposed legislation.


This first section creates several new provisions for our State Auditor, and Attorney General. It would literally force these two offices to be state wide advocates for teaching pro abortion sex ed. By requiring these state offices to play an investigatory role in checking on schools to make sure they are doing what their told so much for local control. These two politically charges offices would become the state’s “sex education police”!


Regardless of your views of how to respond to a woman in these terrible circumstances, SB 943 would require that all hospitals and healthcare facilities provide abortions. Every Catholic, Protestant, and Private hospital in the State of Missouri would be required to provide these services. Every family practitioner, and local doctors office would be required to make abortions available. This legislation doesn�t stop there, it goes on to penalize any facility that refuses to comply.



This provision would criminalize every pharmacist, doctor, nurse, teacher or any one who would �interfere� with women�s access to contraception. It also goes on to prohibit laws, rules, ordinances, taxes, or any regulation of any kind if it would in any way impede access to these services. This act also includes language which would make all contraception (including abortion drugs) a protected right. This new entitlement would lead to a whole new level of creative court decisions.


This section basically would take all the provisions, and make them available at our local Health departments. Under the name �Women�s Health Services Program�, this bill would turn every Health department in a �contraception department�. And don�t forget – they define abortion as a �contraceptive�.


�Patient Protection� not �PERSONAL protection�. This last section stomps out every religious belief, and every personal freedom that our doctors, and pharmacists have. This would require under statute that all abortifacient drugs be provided without causing �hardship� to clients. No God given rights here, �the government givith, and the government taketh away�.

Also HB 1461 was sent to the Senate Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee. Sponsored by Representative Marilyn Ruestman; HB 1461 changes Missouri law to aide home owners who are forced to use force to defend their homes and/or families.

In this same senate committee, SB 774, sponsored by Senator Matt Bartle, was voted �do pass�. This bill provides funding for umbilical cord blood banks and non-fetal human stem cell research as an ethical alternative to embryonic stem cell research and human cloning.

HB 1182, sponsored by Representative Bryan Stevenson, which was previously passed by the House, was assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is a bill that allows persons with custodial rights to petition the juvenile court to extend jurisdiction over a child until he or she reaches age 18.

As was:

HB 1317 – Lipke – Modifies the laws relating to crime victims’ rights

HB 1461 – Ruestman – Modifies the laws regarding defensive use of force

HB 1698 – Lipke – Modifies laws relating to sexual offenders

Other bills referred to Senate Committees were:

HB 1482 – Jackson – Modifies educational assistance benefits for Missouri National Guard members, and

HB 1944 – Hobbs – Modifies the laws relating to eminent domain � both � sent to the Senate Pensions, Veterans’ Affairs and General Laws Committee.

HB 1485 – Icet – Creates a tax credit for contributions to pregnancy resource centers. Sent to the Senate Ways & Means Committee.

WEDNESDAY, April 19, 2006

The Senate passed 15 budget appropriation bills for the 2007 state budget.

State representative Michael Parson presented HCR 38 in the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee. House Concurrent Resolution 38 supports every effort to educate Missouri students about the �Judeo/Christian� heritage of our great state and nation.

The House Children and Families Committee passed HCR 26. HCR 26 �expresses the gratitude of the General Assembly to faith-based… organizations working in their communities to improve the lives of the citizens of this state.� Even though resolutions are non-binding, having a series of resolutions of this type goes to show the change in the capital culture.

The House Children and Families Committee also held a public hearing on House Concurrent Resolution 45. HCR 45 would urge U.S. Congress to approve the Marriage Protection Amendment to the United States Constitution!

On the House Floor, Representative Jim Lembke led the debate on his HB 1534. HB 1534 takes some of the �life sciences� monies, and designates it for umbilical cord blood banks and �non fetal� stem cell research. As you are aware, there are two types of stem cells – Adult, and embryonic. HB 1534 would point the state in the right direction, leading them away from the atrocities of cloning research.

Key Committee Referrals and Other Actions Included:

SB 588 – Bartle – Modifies the laws regarding sexual offenders — Referred to the House Crime Prevention & Public Safety Committee.

SB 912 – Goodman – Establishes a virtual school program — Referred to the House Special Committee on Student Achievement and Finance Committee.

SB 1250 – Alter – Enacts multiple provisions regarding illegal aliens — Reported from the Senate Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

SJR 26 – Ridgeway – Exempts property owned by veterans’ organizations from taxation — Referred to the House Veterans Committee.

SJR 31 – Ridgeway – Elevates the allowable level of bonded indebtedness for school districts from 15% to 20% — Referred to the House Special Committee on Student Achievement and Finance Committee.

Meanwhile, liberal senators bumped two bills off the Senate Consent Calendar:

HB 978 – Smith – Establishes the “Vietnam War Medallion Program” and the “Vietnam War Veteran’s Recognition Award Fund”. and

HB 1228 – Ruestman – Eliminates the requirement that the politically correct Missouri Women’s Council must prepare a state plan and gather annual reports from numerous state departments.

THURSDAY, April 20, 2006

The House spent most of the day sending the Senate versions of the budget appropriation bills to a conference committee to hash out their differences.

The House Health Care Policy Committee heard testimony on HB1831, sponsored by Representatives Tom Villa, and Michael Daus. This bill would legalize marijuana for �medical purposes�.

The House debated and adopted HB1864, sponsored by Representative Jerry Nolte, to prohibit admission of unlawful aliens to public institutions of higher education. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

The Senate gave final approval to, and passed, SB832, sponsored by Senator John Griesheimer. This is the main bill to modify Missouri’s tax increment finance law (TIF).

The Senate also, in a vote of 20-13, gave final approval to SB 913. Sponsored by Senator Carl Vogel, this bill authorizes gambling devices for minors and children by legally redefining them outside the statutory prohibition against such �gambling� or �gambling device�!