Vote NO!

(Remember to check out the full ballot measures informational post and hear MFN’s own Kerry Messer speak on the truth about Amendment 2.)

Their Design
Our Development
Man’s Discernment
The Denial
Political Deception
Legal Deceit
Your Decision

~ Their Design ~

A deliberate effort to discount ethical, social, and moral objections – or those who dare voice them!

Amendment 2 has created the largest coalition of church and related institutional response in state history to any issue!

The broadest church network to ever agree on a single initiative has emerged -despite efforts to silence the Church!

Amendment 2 is a “non-partisan” issue.

Churches face NO restrictions!

Backers of Amendment 2 want your support.

But, if you understand:

– 70 “adult” stem cell uses vs. 0 embryonic
– how human cloning is being falsely defined
– human egg harvesting exploits young women
– public funds will be used for human cloning

They only want your silence!

~ Our Development ~

You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

All of your body cells are called “somatic” cells with 23 pairs of chromosomes (46 total), except reproductive, or “germ” cells which only have 23 single chromosomes (egg & sperm cells). When two germ cells unite they form a single cell embryo which can grow to adulthood. In the early blastocyst stage of development “embryonic stem cells” form as building blocks for specific tissue types. Other stem cells are called “adult” once they have specialized as various types even in later fetal development. (The complex development of early human life is directed and controlled by the ever changing chemical makeup of the mother’s hormones.)

~ Man’s Discernment ~

Modern science reveals the wonders of embryology & confirms the Sanctity of all stages of human life! Natural fertilization is understood so well that modern science has learned to artificially duplicate it through “in vitro fertilization”. In vitro fertilization methods most commonly produce fraternal twins at the embryonic stage.

Amendment 2 seeks to legitimatize “identical twining” through a process known as SCNT (Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer)


A Somatic Cell’s Nucleus is Transferred to an egg that has had its nucleus removed, resulting in an egg with all 46 chromosomes needed or life – an artificial identical twin of the somatic cell donor, a HUMAN CLONE!

~ The Denial ~

All human embryos are sacred from conception!

“BUT IT’S NOT HUMAN” they claim!

No Sperm!

No Fertilization!

No Soul!

Unlike fraternal twins, one of every set of identical twins was created without a sperm cell or fertilization.

Which one is not human?

Which one has no soul?

Three separate times God’s Word proclaims the single cell conception of Jesus Christ! Matthew 1:20, Luke 1:31, Luke 2:21

Natural law, created by God, allowed for Jesus to become a man without sperm or fertilization!

At what point did Jesus not have a soul?
At what point was He not really human?

~ Political Deception ~

Slick Lawyers & Smooth Politicians

Half Truths & Deception

Amendment 2 authors are employing classic political deceptions to hide the truth.
See Proverbs 6:16-19

Originally they called SCNT “Human Cloning.” Then they said it was “Human Research” but switched to “Therapeutic Cloning” and later it was renamed “Therapeutic Research.” Now they want to dress it up as “Medical Research”!

Amendment 2 redefines truth about human life, embryonic development, and human cloning in the legal framework of constitutional law by codifying embryos as “products”. The only human cloning banned is when a live cloned baby is birthed – requiring he/she be aborted!

~ Legal Deceit ~

Do you really trust the lawyers and politicians who are spending millions to get you to support Amendment 2? When Missouri voters enter the ballot booth November 7th, they will NOT see the actual words Amendment 2 would add to the State Constitution. All they will see is a deceptive summary question. The actual amendment is 20 times longer than the misleading question on the ballot! The actual amendment only says it adds one new section to the constitution, labeled as Article III, 38(d). But the full language includes: 8 subsections with 24 sub-subsections, 3 sub-sub-subsections, 10 sub-sub-sub-subsections, and 15 cross-references including state and federal laws voiding disclosure of promised human cloning reporting details!

The loopholes and deceptions woven into this Human Cloning Amendment are so far reaching the Secretary of State has also added an additional unprecedented Warning Label citing an yet another additional 45 sections of the Constitution being placed at risk if Amendment 2 passes!

The notice says:

NOTICE: You are advised that the proposed constitutional amendment may change, repeal, or modify by implication or may be construed by some persons to change, repeal or modify by implication, the following provisions of the Constitution of Missouri – Sections 2, 10, 14, and 32 of Article I; Section 1 of Article II; Sections 1, 21, 22, 23, 28, 36, 39, 40, 41, and 42 of Article III; Sections 1, 14, 36(a), 37, 37(a), 39, and 52 of Article IV; Sections 5, 14, 17, 18, and 23, and subsection 17 of Section 27 of Article V; Sections 18(b), 18(c), 18(d), 18(k), 18(m), 19(a), 20, 31, 32(a), and 32(b) of Article VI; Section 9(a) of Article IX; Sections 1, 6, 11(a), 11(d), and 11(f) of Article X; & Section 3 of Article XI.

Do you really want to trust the lawyers and politicians who are spending millions to get you to support Amendment 2?

~ Your Decision ~

You have a serious decision to make!

Constitutional Amendment 2

Creates a right to human cloning!

Mandates public funding for human cloning!

Exploits young women for human cloning!

Diverts legitimate research for human cloning!

Risks pro-life laws to protect human cloning!

Creates false research hopes in human cloning!

Deceives voters on the truth of human cloning!

Kills human lives pursuing human cloning!

It is your decision.

Will you share the truth?

Will you encourage others to vote?

Will you please

Vote NO!