Monday, January 15
Martin Luther King Jr. Day…. No session

Tuesday, January 16

House activities on…


HB421 Sponsored by Representative Tim Flook, was introduced on Tuesday. Prohibits any person who does not pay their spouse child support from being admitted on a gambling boat or casino until the arrearage is satisfied.

HB355 Sponsored by Representative Jim Avery. Would allow banks and financial institutions to prohibit any internet gambling transactions. HB 355 was read for the second time on the floor.


HB335 Representative Lipke, operating a boat with excessive blood alcohol content.

HB336 Representative Lipke, driving with a controlled substance in a person ‘ s body.

HB337 Representative Lipke, removes the requirement that a sexually violent predator be convicted in order to require that a DNA sample be collected for profiling analysis.

HB345 Representative Munzlinger, prohibits the Governor from using his or her emergency powers to confiscate firearms or revoke a permit to carry any firearm.

HB372 Representative Wildberger, changes the current law involving the crimes of statutory rape and sodomy in the second degree by requiring that the perpetrator be at least three years older than the victim.

HB382 Representative Wildberger, creates the crime of transporting a child without parental consent for the purpose of committing a crime with the child as the victim or participant (Ashley ‘ s Law).

Missouri State Senate Action on…


SB 285 – Senator Crowell, protects the conscience rights of pharmaceutical professionals. This very important legislation was first read on the Senate floor today.


Seven major bills ranging from child porn (SB 5), to allowing individuals to defend their homes and families (SB 41 & SB 62), where referred to Senator Matt Bartle’s Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

SB 27 – Senator Bartle – Modifies regulations regarding sexually oriented billboards.

SB 1 – Senator Gibbons – Requires criminal background checks for certain employees in positions with substantial direct contact with children.

SB 5 – Senator Loudon – Modifies the laws on child pornography.

SB 12 – Senator Coleman – Creates an educational grant for children and spouses of veterans who are killed in combat.

SB 38 – Senator Ridgeway – Prohibits the use or possession of alcoholic beverage vaporizers.

SB 41 – Senator Purgason – Modifies the laws on the use of force.

SB 62 – Goodman – Modifies the laws on the use of force.


SB 89 – Senator Bartle – Excludes gambling establishments from the definition of “qualified company” under the Quality Jobs Act. Referred to the Senate Economic Development, Tourism & Local Government Committee.

SB 296 – Senator Loudon – Authorizes the Joint Committee on Wagering and Gaming to solicit bids for university study of pathological gambling in Missouri . First Read on the Senate floor, the first step in the legislative process.


SB 75 – Senator Coleman – Provides for a tuition limitation for certain combat veterans. Referred to the Senate Pensions, Veterans’ Affairs and General Laws Committee

SB 286 – Senator Crowell – Exempts military pensions and retirement income from income taxation. Was also first read on the Senate floor.


SB 37 – Senator Days – Creates an advance voting system for elections. Referred to the Senate Financial & Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee

Senator John Griesheimer will continue to work on the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) issue this year. When the General Assembly passed the legislation dealing with eminent domain, the TIF issue was left virtually untouched. The TIF program is still in serious need of reform. Senator Griesheimer currently has SB 20, addressing these issues. It was referred to Economic Development Committee.

Wednesday, January 17

House activities…


HB412 Sponsored by Representative Emery, would protect pharmacies who refusing to perform, assist, recommend, refer to, or participate in any act of service in connection with any drug or device that is an abortifacient. Presented, and read and second time on the house floor.

HB434 Sponsored Representative Stevenson, creates the Health Care Rights of Conscience Act which protects health care professional who refuse to participate in a health care service that violates his or her conscience; morning after pill, and other abortion drugs. Introduced and read first time on the floor.


HB406 Representative Schad, creates the crimes of operating a watercraft while under the influence. Second read on the House floor.


HB421 Sponsored by Representative Flook, would bar anyone who was behind on their child support from boarding a casino. Read the second time on the floor.


HB422: Representative Whorton, prohibits the Department of Agriculture from participating in the National Animal Identification System absent specific statutory authorization. Read the second time.

HB444: Representative Jetton, provides an income tax deduction for social Security benefits for senior citizens. Introduced and read for the first time.

Missouri State Senate

Senate Action for 1/17/2007


SB 196 – Senator Gross – Enacts provisions relating to the capacity of an unborn child to experience pain during an abortion. Referred S Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence Committee


SB 167: Senator Bartle, would create the methamphetamine offense registry within the Missouri State Highway Patrol. SB 167 was referred to the Senate Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

SB 90: Senator Nodler, designates English as the language of all official proceedings in the state. Sent to the Pensions, Veterans’ Affairs and General Laws Committee.


SB 303: Senator Loudon, changes the law to decriminalize midwives and the women who are deigned the choice of delivering their children where they so chose. First Read on the Senate floor.

Thursday, January 18

House activities…

Three bills of importance where read for the second time on the House floor, the next step for these bills will be committee assignments.

HB434, (sponsored by Representative Stevenson) Establishes the Health Care Rights of Conscience Act.

HB445, (sponsored by Representative Deeken) attempting to halt all executions till at least 2011.

Missouri State Senate

Senate Action for 1/18/2007

Filibuster in the Senate (covered extensively throughout Missouri media)

Senator Matt Bartle filibuster who is widely known for his open opposition to the Governors position on cloning research, decided to play some political hard ball on Thursday. The Senate has the job of reviewing the Gubernatorial candidates that have been nominated to different state positions. One of these candidates who is an open advocate of human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. Senator Bartle’s response? Filibuster. For 17 long hours (till 3:30a.m. ) the Senator stood still as Senator Bartle made the point very clear that the true ethics of “life sciences” will not be swept under the rug as long as he is in office!


SB 243: Senator Mayer, would increases the compulsory school attendance age for all children in Missouri to seventeen years of age! Second read on the floor, and referred Senate Education Committee.


Judiciary Chairman, Senator Matt Bartle had four bills of concern referred to his committee on Thursday.

SB 256: Senator Loudon, modifies provisions relating to the investigation of Internet sex crimes against children.

SB 257: Senator Engler, modifies the treatment of firearms during state emergencies.

SB 278: Senator Koster, requires certain sex offenders to serve a mandatory minimum prison term of at least three years.

SB 266: Senator Bray, prohibits discrimination based upon a person’s sexual orientation.

SB 252: Senator Ridgeway, exempts motorcyclists age 21 and older from wearing a helmet when operating a motorcycle or motortricycle. Second read on the floor, and then referred the Senate Transportation Committee.