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Missouri Family Network’s Sanctity of Life Voter’s Guide

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Executive Offices on Your General Election Ballot
November 4th, 2008

Lt. Governor
Secretary of State
State Treasurer
Attorney General

Sanctity of Life

Do you know where Missouri’s major candidates stand?

Forget the campaign rhetoric

Missouri Families deserve to know the facts!

Missouri Family Network has produced a special 2008 Pro-Life Voters Guide in partnership with Americans United for Life

This voters guide is focused on three Sanctity of Life categories:

Do the major party candidates:

Support Life Saving Restrictions on Abortion?

Oppose Court Imposed Abortion on Demand?

Oppose Human Cloning & Destructive Research which Kills Human Embryos?

Last Minute Election Resources
If you still need them.
(These resources should all be grouped in your “Favorites” in a special file for civics links.)

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