We will all know more tomorrow – for now all I can say with certainty is that I am  uncomfortable with the President of the United States using a captive audience of children to sell himself (the head of his political party) which at the least indirectly promotes his policies.

President Obama’s “prepared” remarks sound like a great and challenging pep talk aimed to motivate school students to apply themselves.  However the entire American political experience (although I must include all of human history also) and particularly our recent exposure to President Obama, should caution us to not sit by idle while approximately 80% of our nation’s children and youth are required to participate in this extraordinary event.

Keep in mind the major media’s use of the phrase “bully pulpit” when talking about the undue influence a president has when advocating conservative ideology.  This president is never accused of such things as he pushes the country as hard as he can into extremist socialism.  In fact, one of the overarching issues with his speech is President Obama’s assumption that we are to be motivated to do our best “for our country” and that giving up in any way is to “give up on your country”.  While this sounds good on the surface few will note that the speech, taken in whole, leaves out a student’s future place in the free market and shifts the student under a burden of a national collective.

I am a high critic of the American education system being based on getting the education that will make you the most amount of money.  It has long been my assertion that students should be taught to seek after the Lord, His standards and His call on their life.  Students should be educated under the banner of the greatest commandment – to love the Lord with all of your being and all you have, and to love your fellow man as yourself.  President Obama seems to be swinging the pendulum from a self-absorbed education to one focused on the State, rather than focusing on the fellow citizens that make up the State.

Please take the time to listen to this speech.  It is much more than a cheap political stunt; it is more than Just another opportunistic political maneuver.  Listen with a discerning ear.  Where in this speech is an encouragement to join the free market, invest oneself in capitalism, or otherwise participate in those larger concepts that have made the United States the great nation we have been?

Remember history.  Time after time nations have turned quickest not when an enemy destroyed and interrupted education, but when internal foes were allowed to redirect philosophies and ideas within the classroom.  Our children are NOT our ‘greatest natural resource’ as so often espoused by cultured politicians, they and their education are our stewardship responsibility before a holy God.

Note that this speech will be presented to an impressionable audience, in a captive environment, with required attendance, no parental guidance or criticism, no alternative political challenge, hyped by a supportive media, under the directives of school authorities we tell our children to respect.  In the end anything objectionable to any parents will have already been well seeded before you get to even see your child.

Yes I am opposed to the President of the United States of America addressing the nation’s school children in this fashion.  Maybe I am cynical, but this is why – I am a professional lobbyist who has worked with the Missouri State Legislature for 25 years.  As a professional I would consider it unethical to lobby your child to accept my political ideology while you are locked out of the room.  As a professional I would consider it immoral for you to lobby my child as part of a captive audience.  Likewise, I consider it downright dangerous to our country for a hard line socialist to do this very thing on such a grand scale.

Listen with both ears.  Agree or disagree.  But please do not ignore what’s happening. Your children and grandchildren will inherit the nation we give them.