The Health Care Freedom Act (SRJ 25 in the Senate and HJR 57 in the House) proposes to allow Missouri citizens the right to vote to amend our State Constitution to clearly say that Missouri preserves its State Sovereignty in regard to heath care and that Missouri citizens have the right to reject nationalized government run health care while maintaining the free market health care that makes Missouri one of the healthiest states in the nation. Go to the House or Senate official web sites ( or and type in “SJR25” or “HJR57” in the bill search field and follow the appropriate links to read the proposed Health Care Freedom Act for yourself and note the large lists of co-signers to see if your Representative or Senator has signed on.

Note that just last week a non-binding resolution (HCR 18) was adopted by the Missouri House and sent to the State Senate for consideration. This resolution does not have the weight of law, as do the bills in public hearings this coming Thursday morning. HCR 18 request our Missouri delegation of 9 Congressmen and 2 U.S. Senators to reject the government takeover of health care being proposed in Washington D.C. This resolution was passed 111-46 with all House Republicans and the Pro-life Democrats voting to support the resolution.

The Senate hearing for SJR 25 (Sen, Jane Cunningham) will start at 8am on Thursday morning, Jan. 28th in Senate Hearing Room 1 or 2. They are adjoining rooms in the northeast corner of the first floor inside the Missouri State Capitol at Jefferson City. The House hearing for HJR 57 (Rep. Tim Jones) will begin the same morning at 8:30am. Each hearing will last approximately one hour. The hearing room for the House will be either House HR 1 or HR 3 (they are only a few feet from one another on the west end of the basement), clarification will be posted when it is available.

Because of the time limitation, only a few people will get to speak. A short list of bill supporters have been chosen by a variety of organizations to represent the basic and consensus positions of the conservative community. Please understand the time restraints and support these spokespersons. By respecting the time constraints of the House and Senate Committees, we all gain their respect and will have a greater respect and response from the committee members as they vote to advance these bills or vote to kill them.

HOWEVER: It cannot be overstated that even though only a limited number of folks can speak, there is NO limit to the number of citizens that can attend and show support for the Health Care Freedom Act. Please plan to load your car with as many folks as you can to come to the hearings Thursday morning. Your attendance will demonstrate that the Massachusetts special election rejecting ‘government-health-care’ (now that’s an oxy-moron) was not just a fluke.

All who desire to attend – even if you cannot – are encouraged to fill out the attached Witness Appearance Form. This will allow you and your friends to have the chance to enter comments into the public record and be counted. This also allows you to make sure your concerns are communicated to the committee members even though you will not be able to personally address the committees during the hearings. (Note that you may contact any House or Senate member at any time on your own.) Missouri Family Network encourages everyone to please fill out a form supporting this legislation even if you do not have any additional comments to add as testimony. The more people who show up and/or provide witness forms demonstrate that health care freedom is a true grass roots issue!

If you submit a witness form, write in “HEALTH CARE FREEDOM ACT” where the form asks for a bill number, fill in the rest of the form and fax it to 573-526-9852 or scan and email to hopefully by early afternoon on Wednesday. Arrangements have been made to present your form to both committees and to have them entered into the official record of both the House and the Senate and it will be impressive if the bill sponsors both submit a large pile of witness forms when they present their bills in the committee hearings Thursday morning.

You may submit this form whether or not you come to the Capitol on Thursday. But, your presence multiplies your personal impact on the viability of these bills!

We need as many folks at the Capitol as possible to send the message to all legislators that it would be smart to keep this growing grass roots army happy. Capitol visitors will be able to either watch the hearings directly in the hearing room, watch it on a monitor in spillover areas at the Capitol or on a laptop which they should bring in case the hearing rooms and spillover areas are full. The hearings will be live streamed at The hearings will also be on that same web site and to watch at a future time.

While you are at the Capitol for the hearings, it is important to stop by your representative’s and senator’s offices to thank them for their support or ask if they will support the legislation. The House and Senate go into session at 10am right after the hearings end. It is fine to go to the side door of each chamber and ask the doorman to see if your legislator would be willing to come out to meet with a constituent for a few minutes. If not, leave your comments and contact information in their office with a request to respond.

To find out who your representative and senator are, go to and enter your zip code in the ‘Legislator Look-Up’ field.

There is public parking along the streets and a garage one block east of the Capitol on the corner of East Capitol and Madison (same intersection as the Governor’s mansion).

If folks want to spend the night in Jefferson City the night before, there are numerous hotels but two that we know of offering discounts for this hearing are The Best Value Inn, 150 City Plaza in Holts Summit, 573-896-8787, $50 plus tax for 1 or 2 people in a room with 2 double beds (on Hwy. 54 about 10 minutes before you reach Jefferson City) and the Days Inn, 2100 Jefferson Street, Jefferson City, 573-761-3600, $60.99 plus tax. Make sure you mention you are in Jeff City for the Health Care hearing in order to get the discount. It is best to make a reservation because Jefferson City will be pretty full on Wednesday night. These hotels are clean and adequate but not fancy. More upscale and closeby hotels would be the Capitol Plaza, 573-635-1234, $149 for a suite with 1 king and a sofa sleeper (3 blocks from the Capitol) and Hotel DeVille, $78 ‘government rate’ for a room with 2 double beds (4 blocks from the Capitol). Make sure they know Sen. Cunningham has told you that you can get the government rate.

Further questions:
573-751-1186 or toll free 866-543-0420 Sen. Cunningham’s office
573-751-0562 Rep. Tim Jones’ office

Witness Appearance Form