This week the Second Regular Session of the 95th General Assembly will convene at your state capitol in Jefferson City for the 2010 Missouri Legislative Session.  Both the House and Senate will spend the next five months debating the future of our state and the freedoms which in large part frame our culture for generations to come.  As in the past twenty-five years Missouri Family Network will be there to work with the 163 Representatives and 34 Senators – reminding them that what they do, or fail to do, can have a tremendous impact on the Families of this Great State.  Please be in regular prayer for us as we face issue after issue, day in and day out.  Pray that we may have grace in the eyes of lawmakers as we strive to help them understand the pro-family perspectives related to the hundreds of bills before them.

Monday, January 4, 2010
A House Appropriations Committee will be hearing testimony all week in preparation for preparing the next annual state budget.   Monday the committee will be focused on the Alternative to Abortion program. Pray that the State will continue to support this important work.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Missouri Family Network together with Missouri Eagle Forum (lead sponsor), Families for Home Education, and Concerned Women for America will be sponsoring our annual Legislative Academy with over 120 registered participants. We expect several special visits from conservative members of the House and Senate as we spend the day in an in-depth seminar focused on effective lobbying and citizen activism.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
The day will start with a special commissioning prayer service at Concord Baptist Church.  At noon both the House and Senate will be called into session and the 2010 Legislature will begin.

Thursday, January 7, 2010
This year’s annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast is scheduled relatively early, but serves as a great reminder that Missouri truly is a conservative mid-west state with solid values – values worth defending!

During the extent of the Missouri Legislative Session we will be sending you a weekly report.  In these reports we will keep you up to date on the key pro-life and pro-family issues being discussed by your lawmakers. The UTD will inform you of bill movements and developing legislative activities to assist you in keeping up to date on the many issues of interest to the pro-life and pro-family community.  House and Senate floor activities, legislative calendars, public hearings, definitions, process, etc.

– Key Missouri State government web sites –
Follow your General Assembly during the 2010 legislative session: &

From these sites you will be able to follow legislation of interest to you, or certain lawmakers’ legislative activities.  You can track any or all legislation, find important information on the sponsor(s), or profile legislative committees.