Looking back – at ourselves

2010 is here! Going into this new year we are reminded to look back and reflect on our nation, our families, and ourselves.

Looking out over the hard frozen ground I am reminded of another very difficult winter in our nation’s history. December 19, 1777, George Washington led 12,000 continental solders into Valley Forge to winter. The valley was deliberately chosen for its tactical proximity to the British, and proved to be a very effective selection. Although the valley did not see blazing gun battles or fierce hand to hand combat – a much more decisive battle was to play out over the following winter months. It was the resolve in the hearts and minds of our forefathers that let them to victory. Not a victory of firepower, but of will.

It was their resolve, fed by the flame of liberty that warmed those solders. Starvation, disease, and horrendous weather conditions plagued them constantly. History paints a very painful picture of what these men endured for the cause of freedom. Let us look to their example and strengthen our resolve. Let the causes of life and liberty rekindle the fire in our hearts and minds. The long winter in the valley ended, but the war of our independence raged on for five long years. It may seem like we are locked in a never ending battle. But let us NEVER forget where our strength comes from. Our strength comes from the Lord, and the justice of our cause.

The monument at Valley Forge bares this Washington quote:

Naked and starving as they are we cannot enough admire the incomparable Patience and Fidelity of the Soldiery.

This winter will not last, and when our children look at our lives and judge our actions. May they be inspired as we are of our forefathers. Welcome to 2010… let’s get to work!

Looking Ahead

This week the Second Regular Session of the 95th General Assembly convened at your state capitol in Jefferson City for the 2010 Missouri Legislative Session. Both the House and Senate will spend the next five months debating the future of our state and the freedoms which in large part frame our culture for generations to come. As in the past twenty-five years Missouri Family Network will be there to work with the 163 Representatives and 34 Senators – reminding them that what they do, or fail to do, can have a tremendous impact on the Families of this Great State. Please be in regular prayer for us as we face issues, day in and day out. Pray that we may have grace in the eyes of lawmakers as we strive to help them understand the pro-family perspectives related to the hundreds of bills before them.

2010 Elections

Because our state and nation are facing such perilous times, MFN will include important news related to the 2010 elections as an ongoing new feature to the UTD reports this year.

We will investigate and report on items related to the two key areas of the political landscape, both Policy & Candidates.

Policy Issues

There are several initiative petitions that are expected to result in ballot questions for Missouri voters next November. MFN will be helping you discern the truth behind the rhetoric on these policy issues.


Even though official filings have not yet begun, scores of candidates are already in full swing campaigning and raising money. Again MFN will help you separate the objective facts from all the hot air.

Speaker Richards opening address: house.mo.gov/…speakersspeech.htm
Senate President Pro Tem Charlie Shields opening address: senate.mo.gov/…openingday.pdf”

Monday, January 4

The House Appropriations Committee began hearing testimony in preparation for building the next annual state budget. The committee will be focused on the Alternative to Abortion program. Pray that the State will continue to acknowledge how important these services are for our state.


SB 627 Introduced by Senator Justus, provides information regarding immunization for the human papilloma virus. First read in the Senate.

HB 1269 Sponsored by Representative Meiners, requires any person, business, or organization that holds a camp which provide activities for minors to request criminal background checks on any person who will be working at the camp. Second read in the House.

HB 1297 Sponsored by Representative Lampe, lowers the age when a child must start attending school from seven to six years of age and requires, beginning in the 2010 school year, all public schools to have a full-day kindergarten program. Second read in the House.

HJR 62 Sponsored by Representative McGhee, proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a citizen’s right to pray. Second read in the House.


SB 626 Introduced by Senator Justus, prohibits discrimination based upon a person’s sexual orientation. First read in the Senate.


SB 617 Introduced by Senator Goodman, regulates sexually oriented businesses. First read in the Senate.

Tuesday, January 5

7th Annual Legislative Academy

Missouri Family Network together with Missouri Eagle Forum, Families for Home Education, and Concerned Women for America all worked together to sponsor our annual Legislative Academy. We had over 160 participants, counting attendees, leaders and the 16 House and Senate members who stopped by to address the group. We discussed the how-to of presentation, participation, and communication. Knowing how to present yourself and your concerns to your elected servants will dramatically improve your influence over the legislative process. A special “thank you” to all the Senators, and House members who came by throughout the day.

Wednesday, January 6

The first day of the legislative session started out with a commissioning prayer service at Concord Baptist Church. Many State Representatives, Senators, Supreme Court Justices and Governor Nixon where in attendance. At noon both the House and Senate where called into session. Since 2002 the first legislative day in the house begins with the reading of our Bill of Rights, following a time of prayer and a hardy pledge to Old Glory . Opening addresses by House Speaker Ron Richards; and in the Senate by President Pro Tem Charlie Shields, followed tradition but focused on the today. Remembering all the ethics issues that have plagued the legislature over the interim, both speeches stressed urgency in reforming current ethics laws. Cooperation across party lines was also a popular theme for both the House and Senate leadership. The session on Wednesday also allowed a number of bills to be first read, and we will see a steady rise of legislation be introduced as Representatives and Senators finish crafting their legislative projects.

Thursday, January 7

This year’s annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast had a great turn out, in spite of the weather conditions which led most folks to head home a little early. The turnout serves as a great reminder that Missouri truly is a conservative mid-west state with solid values – values worth defending!