Tonight, Tuesday, November 2, 2010 – and well into the wee hours of Wednesday morning – candidates all across Missouri are biting nails as they watch some very dramatic election results.


Starting with the passage of Proposition C in the August Primary, liberals have been running scared and you are to be commended for staying in the race!

The overwhelming election of Roy Blunt to the U.S. Senate is a major victory over the socialists who want to dismantle America as we know it.

The loss of a sitting statewide official, democrat Susan Montee, to republican Tom Schweich, demonstrates how average citizens can overturn established incumbency.

The win of my friend Vicky Hartzler over lifelong powerful and deep seated politician Ike Skelton in the 4th U.S. Congressional District proves what conservatives CAN DO when we work together!

The narrow defeat of Ed Martin in his challenge to liberal pro-abortion Congressman Russ Carnahan reminds us that the defense of values comes at a high cost and that possible corruption still exist.

The wide passages of 4 conservative statewide ballot questions, and the retention of Zel Fischer with a 2/3 majority vote, showcases Missouri as the best place to live in America.

The very narrow passage of the deceptive Proposition B (which was supposed to pass with over 70%) proves that most Missourians still trust each other more than political bullies.  If opponents could have raised enough money for just one statewide counter TV add, Prop B would have been rightfully defeated.  But today, every dog breeder in Missouri have become criminals because the requirements in this new law are absolutely impossible to maintain!  The question now goes to the Legislature as to who they trust in repairing the damage?

The “reelections” of every known true conservative lawmaker throughout Missouri reminds the Nation that Missouri still has her traditional values – and they are strong and healthy!

NOW:  With term limits and other retirements, approximately one third (1/3) of the Missouri General Assembly has been turned over to freshmen legislators.

Your Missouri Senate profile has changed with three more traditional democrat seats going into republican hands.

There are, as of this morning, 26 republican state senators and only 8 democrats filling out the 34 member State Senate.

The magic number in the senate – known as the rule of 18 – means any 18 Senators voting together creates a constitutional majority in the Senate.  (Republicans have 26.)

(It takes 23 senators to override a Gubernatorial veto with a 2/3’s vote, and the republicans still have 26.)

Along with these changes is the fact that there are three of the remaining democrats who are pro-life and one of the new republican seats is now pro-life.

(Two of the democrats who lost to republicans were also pro-life votes.) This adds up to a 29-5 pro-life majority in the Missouri Senate!

The profile of your Missouri House of Representatives has changed similarly with republicans picking up 17 former democrat seats.

Of these 17 democrat losses, 10 were sitting democrats running for reelection while only 7 were ‘open’ seats!  This is amazing!

As of this morning there are now 106 republican representatives and 57 democrats filling out the 163 member House of Representatives.

The magic number in the House – known as the rule of 82 – means 82 Representatives voting together creates a constitutional majority in the House.  (Republicans have 106.)

(It takes 109 representatives to override a Gubernatorial veto and the republicans are short by 3.)

Five of the ten ousted House democrats were pro-abortion and are now pro-life seats.  Thus the addition of the remaining 20+ pro-life democrats along with the 106 republicans (all pro-life to our knowledge at this time) means the House has an approximately 126-130 pro-life majority, making Missouri a rock solid pro-life veto proof Legislature! )

What this means is:  Senate leadership will have to face the reality that the democrat party is now FORCED to engage every tactic possible to advance their agendas and/or stop conservative issues.

The filibuster is the ultimate tool in the Senate.  Senate tradition discourages the use of parliamentary procedures that can be used to break these filibusters.  Senate leadership in 2011-12 MUST understand the need to break filibusters on major policy fronts!  They cannot allow themselves to be shamed by emotionalism or intimidated by the misuse of filibusters!

What all this also means is that the republican party is still 3 members short of being able to TOTALLY dominate Missouri.  They must still work with the Governor and minority members of the House and Senate to find common ground.  This is what helps keep humility in the mixture of the ingredients we call politics and the development of public policy.  (Absolute power corrupts absolutely.)  As frustrating as it is to be shy of total control by only three seats, this just may turn out to be a blessing as political powers can be easily abused.  However, the fact that both the House and Senate has increased their pro-life majorities is an answer to prayer!

While there is so much more information to share & analyze, commentary could go on for far too long.  Allow me to stop at this point and ask that you finish reading the following items for now.

Please join Missouri Family Network in praying for each and every member of your State Legislature, their families, staff members, support staff, lobbyists, and the families of all of them. There are thousands of people that make your state capitol operate – and the single most common and universal prayer request heard in the halls and offices of our capitol building is related to the stresses of being separated from homes and families during the long hours and days in which they are dedicated to serving YOU.

As responsible Christian citizens; remain in prayer using whatever prayer reminders works best for you and your fellowship, communicate regularly with your lawmakers about what concerns you but do so in a respectful manner, and PLEASE discipline yourself to communicate your thanks when they do the right thing!

Missouri Family Network will be co-hosting our annual Legislative Academy the day before our new Legislature goes into session the first week in January.  Several experienced pro-family groups will be providing a full day of training that is not available anywhere else or at any other time in Missouri.  Watch for more details to come.

You are also encouraged to join with the many lawmakers who will participate in a special prayer and commissioning service the morning of the first day of session, that first week in January.  Watch for more information in the days ahead.

Most of all – thank you for all your labors and for voting (at every election).  But do not abandon your lawmakers to the capitol culture without regular communications, visits and prayers!

May the Lord lead Missouri through His wisdom and not leave us to our own devises.