An early Christmas present for Missouri’s conservative voters!

Missouri has 3,425 precincts that make up the state’s total voting population.

These precincts are in place to help election officials manage the responsibility of handling ballots from Missouri’s approximate 4 million voters.  1.95 million Missouri voters cast their ballots on November 2, 2010.  (less than half)

Of the 34 State Senate districts that are redistricted every ten years to equalize the representation from each Senator, district 24 has 124 precincts.

Republican John Lamping has now been certified the winner over democrat Barbara Fraser (following a very closely watched recount) by 50.1% to 49.9%!

The actual numbers narrowed from a mere 133 vote spread initially reported to only 126 after the recount.  This is literally a margin of only 1.01612903 (or 1.02) votes per precinct on average!  Out of the 61,112 voters that determined the outcome, barely one person per precinct made the difference!

With less than half of Missouri voters NOT going to the polls on November 2nd, about 62,000 registered voters failed to stop by their polling place and allowed just 126 engaged citizens to determine the election for them.

If you are frustrated with elections, be encouraged, if you will just show up and cast your ballot, you will double (or in some elections triple or quadruple) your influence!  Now just think what can happen if you would encourage 2-3 other conservative minded friends to vote also(?)!  This is how elections are won!

Congratulations John Lamping. Your voters showed up at the ballot box.

Next time let’s encourage their friends to join with them!