Welcome to 2012

and the new political season!


will be marked by major Primary and General Elections following

a significant political shakeup with legislative redistricting!

All State House & half of the State Senate districts, as well as

Missouri’s “8” Congressional districts are up for grabs.


will also be marked by hundreds of legislative proposals

which have already been being pre-filed at the state capitol.

MFN extends our “thank you” to the many time-tested

pro-life & pro-family organizations across the state,

as well as the many tea party/patriot groups that

have sustained themselves over the last few years!


Please support those groups and organizations that

serve you and your interest with your labors and

financial support as they fight for your values!


Missouri Family Network is facing our 28th year by recommitting ourselves

to “Defending the Traditional Family” in the broadest application of policies

that impact the culture in which we raise our children and grandchildren in.

(As far as we know, MFN has been hosting the longest non-stop

‘tea party’ under the dome of the state capitol in our state’s history!)

“Thank you” also to all who have helped us survive these

many years through your prayers and financial support!

This week the Second Regular Session of the 96th General Assembly will convene

at your state capitol in Jefferson City for the 2012 Missouri Legislative Session.


Beginning 12 noon on Wednesday, January 4th, both the House and Senate

will spend the next five months debating the future of our state and the

freedoms which in large part frame our culture for generations to come.


As in the past twenty-seven years Missouri Family Network will be there to work

with the 163 Representatives and 34 Senators – reminding them that what they do,

or fail to do, can have a tremendous impact on the Families of this Great State.


Please be in regular prayer for us as we face issue after issue, day in and day out.

Pray that we may have grace in the eyes of lawmakers as we strive to help them

understand the pro-family perspectives related to the hundreds of bills before them.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The first day of the 2012 legislative session.

Starting early Wednesday morning, interested lawmakers along with their staff and families will

gather for a pre-session prayer and dedication service at Concord Baptist Church in Jefferson City.

The general public is invited to attend this 9-10am program.

At noon the House and Senate members will gather in their respective chambers to officially open

the 2012 Legislative Session.  The afternoon will be a light schedule for most and in-office visits

with your respective elected lawmakers will be relatively easy to access.  Those who participate

in the Consent of the Governed Rally and who plan to present Bill of Rights displays to House

and Senate members will find most lawmakers more available than average legislative days.

Consent of the Governed Rally

First Floor Rotunda

9:30-11:30 am

Come early and expect a full house!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

The annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast is scheduled early Thursday morning and serves as a great

reminder that Missouri truly is a conservative mid-west state with solid values – values worth defending!


 A short legislative day at the capitol and the annual session will

begin in earnest the following Monday, January 9, 2011.