State Representative Steve Cookson (R-Poplar Bluff) has introduced HB 2051.

This bill simply states that public schools cannot sponsor programs or teach your

children and grandchildren “sexual orientation”.  Note this is not a prohibition

on the instruction in human reproduction or basic sex education – it’s only focus

is to prohibit advocacy or promotion of WHO people have sex with!  This is the

domain of the family and church, not public schools!


Through the discussion of “sexual orientation” (which is now in every Missouri

public school as far as we know of) our students are being taught about all kinds

of sexual fetishes as though they are normal, acceptable, and even desired.  It is

through programs related to “sexual education” that students are taught to be so

‘tolerant’ that they can no longer distinguish between “tolerance” and personal

acceptance, even to the point of encouraged experimentation!


Good parents encourage children to respect and honor their teachers.  The better

a good parent is in supporting their local school, the more confused a child can get

when those they have been taught to respect allow indoctrinations related to social

engineering in the area of human sexuality.


For years our culture has fought a losing battle over HOW sex education is done

in our schools.  HB 2051 takes the social engineering out of the equation and the

legitimate portions of sex education are still allowed.  Many folks may want to

make the case for removing all sex education altogether, and MFN would agree

that this would be best.  However this is not a practical move in light of today’s

political climate.


Right now HB 2051 has sparked a vicious campaign against Rep. Steve Cookson

and the other nineteen (19) co-sponsors of the bill.  They are being swamped with

hateful emails, letters and calls from throughout the state and beyond.  This effort

is being coordinated by PROMO, (advocacy organization leading the Homosexual

lobby, including transgender and every other ‘minority’ group based on “sexual



PLEASE take time to write a message of support and send it to Rep. Steve Cookson

and the others listed below.  Then contact your own House and Senate member to

ask them to also sponsor or co-sponsor this legislation next year.  And finally, please

forward this MFN E@lert to your network of friends asking that they also respond

to the need to round up support for these twenty brave lawmakers.


By The Way:  Over the past 28 years I have seen almost 50,000 bills presented

in the Missouri House and Senate.  Until now I have NEVER seen a group of

close minded lawmakers publicly challenge another group of lawmakers to not

sign onto bills they believe in.  In response to HB 2051, a large group of House

members have sent letters to every one of these twenty statesmen calling on them

to drop their support for HB 2051.  This is the single most narrow-minded and

bigoted act I have ever seen under the dome of your state capitol – and they call

themselves the “Progressive Caucus”! 

I want to know what’s so “progressive” about such hypocrisy?



Starting with the lead sponsor, here are all of the twenty

sponsors of HB 2051 in the order they appear on the bill:

(Please send them a note of appreciationYou can

draft one note and send it to all 20 at the same time. )


Steve Cookson  153 Republican  573-751-1066          

Dwight Scharnhorst  93 Republican  573-751-4392   

Andrew Koenig  88 Republican  573-751-5568           

Timothy Jones  89 Republican  573-751-0562             

Kurt Bahr  19 Republican  573-751-9768                    

Steven Tilley  106 Republican  573-751-1488              

Lindell Shumake  006 Republican  573-751-3613       

Lyle Rowland  143 Republican  573-751-2042            

Charlie Denison  135 Republican  573-751-2210         

Don Wells  147 Republican  573-751-1490                  

Dave Schatz  111 Republican  573-751-6668              

Eric Burlison  136 Republican  573-751-0136              

Doug Funderburk  012 Republican  573-751-2176      

John Diehl  87 Republican  573-751-1544                   

Jeff Grisamore  47 Republican  573-751-1456             

Mark Parkinson  16 Republican  573-751-2949           

Paul Fitzwater  152 Republican  573-751-2112           

Bill Lant  131 Republican  573-751-9801                    

Mike McGhee  122 Republican  573-751-1462            

Jay Houghton  10 Republican  573-751-3649              


After sending a note of encouragement to these 20 House members who have

sponsored HB 2051 – send an additional note to your own House and Senate

members, asking them to defend our children/grandchildren from offensive

promotions of “sexual orientation” education and advocacy in Missouri’s

public schools.  (Even if you use private and/or home school options, your

children/grandchildren must live in the culture created by the 80% population

that comes through public education!) 


Also note that HB 2051 was filed late in the Session and many lawmakers did

not have the opportunity to sign onto it.  Your House and Senate members may

already be supportive or opposed – you will not know until you contact them.


Go to this web site to find your House and Senate members, and contact info:


Additional web sites that may help you:     &