Please help get the word out – we need thousands of folks to email Senator Kurt Schaefer. Please spread the word.
Concerned citizens from across the State need to email Appropriations Chairman Senator Kurt Schaefer at:
Please kindly demand that the Department of Revenue be audited over its financial dealings with the federal government and the national Department of Homeland Security!

On the full House Floor this afternoon, one of the budget bills for the Department of Revenue was amended to remove $150,000+ because of DOR’s refusal to comply and work with lawmakers to help them understand what all DOR is doing. This is a start – there is much more being prepared for DOR, the longer they refuse to be held accountable, the worse it is going to get!

House Government Oversight and Accountability Committee in executive session working on HB 787, related to DOR processing CCW endorsements.

Please click here to view the Subpoena to the Missouri DOR