Resurrection Day!

The day that changed the course of human history.  Since that day every Easter has been celebrated in all kinds of ways among various cultures and faith traditions as the central theme to Christianity.

It’s the most significant day of world history. The day Jesus Christ, the Son of God, raised from the tomb!  The one and only living God who loves you and I enough to have died in your place and mine!

If this day lacks meaning in your life – either you need to allow Him to fill your heart and life through a personal relationship with Him – or you don’t know how significant He may already be in your life.

We are all sinners (disobedient to God), so start by admitting it to yourself, and to God in your own prayer. Then express your repentance (a desire to turn away from your sins and toward God’s ways) in your prayer.  With a repentant attitude, ask Jesus Christ to forgive you for living life your own way (this is how you accept Him as your “Savior”) – and invite Him into your heart to help guide your daily life (making Him your personal Lord).  God promises that if you will simply turn from your sin and confess Jesus Christ as Lord, He will forgive you and come into your life immediately despite anything in your past!

Nothing else compares or matters in light of this single most important and life changing experience!  If you will just do this today, you will be joining the millions before you, and after, as a member of the family of God.

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May this be the best Easter of your life!

Kerry K. Messer