Last week the State Senate used its subpoena authority to pull rank on the Department of Revenue.  While the Senate has had the authority to subpoena individuals, it has only been a couple of years since that authority was expanded to include documents.  Thus it is accurate to say that this is the very first time in Missouri State history that the Senate has issued a Subpoena for documents from a rogue agency!  (While this authority is relatively new also note that no state department has never acted with such blatant disregard toward the Legislature before, resulting in a call for such a law.)

Senator Kurt Schaefer requested the Subpoena and it was issued according to Statutory protocol with President Pro-Tem Tom Dempsey officially issuing it.  In the Subpoena, the documents demanded are to be provided to Senator Kurt Schaefer’s office (room 221) no later than 4 pm on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.  To see the actual Subpoena and the various documents being demanded, go to:

Destruction of State Property?:

In yet another new development, questions have come up over ownership of the old license processing equipment being removed from the local license offices.  It had been our understanding that all the old equipment was being leased from L1 (one of the original contactor companies acquired by Identity Solutions, and eventually by MorphoTrust USA).  However, Senator Schaefer is saying that DOR authorities have led  him to believe the old processing equipment is in fact property of the State of Missouri.  This is very troubling if it is confirmed that DOR again misled lawmakers earlier this year on this ownership point!

If in fact this equipment does belong to the State, the newer contract allowing MorphoTrust USA to remove and destroy the old equipment is in direct violation of yet another provision of law dealing with State property!  Go to to read the Missouri net story about this new development.  Be sure to listen to the two short but very important audio links at the end of the printed story.

AUDIO: Floor discussion (6:48) and AUDIO: Schaefer, Richard, Dempsey (5:15)

Call for Audit:

At this point we (Missouri Family Network and all the partners who have joined this effort to call DOR into account) are calling for a full audit of the Department of Revenue.  In light of the extensive and deepening nature of this controversy we feel this is imperative.  Especially considering how DOR still refuses to come clean and provide the Legislature with a full transparent explanation of the many questions still outstanding.

Driving concerns even deeper is a realization that without a full discovery of the facts surrounding the DOR controversy, how do we even know what questions need to be asked?  In other words, with the lack of cooperation coming from DOR, in light of the many disturbing discoveries to date, why are they not willing to open up and be transparent?  Or – what else is going on that someone does not want to be discovered?

Those concerned citizens wanting to take action to help, please encourage all your friends to call for a complete DOR audit.  We are directing citizens to make their audit request through Senator Kurt Schaefer’s office.  Sen. Schaefer will in turn bundle those request and take them to State Auditor Tom Schweich.  Since a DOR audit is not currently due, a special audit will need to be processed.  No one is casting any cloud of question onto Auditor Schweich, we are simply trying to make it a reality in the context of these current dynamics.

Stoddard County Civil Lawsuit:

Sadly, the Stoddard County civil lawsuit had to be dismissed.  Apparently there were some factual errors in the original pleadings which handicapped the case.  The employees in charge of retooling Local license offices (not sure if they are State employees, MorphoTrust USA employees, or sub-contractors with one or the other) provided much of the information related to the case.  It now appears that some of the information provided by these individuals was erroneous.  Perhaps they were accurate in relationship to other State’s experiences, but with Missouri’s DOR working on a ‘hybrid’ type of REAL ID, some of the details don’t seem to apply.  The trial judge indicated that he did not want to dismiss the case but had to in light of the circumstances.

New Partners:

Starting today, Monday April 1, 2013, a new series of radio adds are being directed at DOR.  It would appear that United for Missouri has decided to join in the call for accountability.  You will note that the representatives of UFM include former House Speaker pro-tem Carl Beardon and former House & Senate member Jim Lembke.  The web site is and their current social media messages include, “If you haven’t seen it, go to and tell Governor Nixon to take responsibility for his rogue Department of Revenue!”