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Missouri DOR Subpoena

Please help get the word out – we need thousands of folks to email Senator Kurt Schaefer. Please spread the word.
Concerned citizens from across the State need to email Appropriations Chairman Senator Kurt Schaefer at:
Please kindly demand that the Department of Revenue be audited over its financial dealings with the federal government and the national Department of Homeland Security!

On the full House Floor this afternoon, one of the budget bills for the Department of Revenue was amended to remove $150,000+ because of DOR’s refusal to comply and work with lawmakers to help them understand what all DOR is doing. This is a start – there is much more being prepared for DOR, the longer they refuse to be held accountable, the worse it is going to get!

House Government Oversight and Accountability Committee in executive session working on HB 787, related to DOR processing CCW endorsements.

Please click here to view the Subpoena to the Missouri DOR

Why are Missouri Lawmakers So Angry At Department of Revenue?

Why are Missouri Lawmakers So Angry At Department of Revenue?

DOR Director Brian Long, and Deputy Director John Mollenkamp, have repeatedly denied any federal dollars involved in the new controversial Driver and non-Driver licensing system.  However, the following documents outlines not one, two, or three, – but at least four annual grants DOR has received from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department’s efforts to participate neck & neck with other States in implementing REAL ID “compliance”, while claiming they are not breaking Missouri’s Statutory law making it a criminal offense to participate in the implementation of the 2005 federal Real ID Act (see 302.183 RSMo).

Also note that DOR is violating two additional State Statutes:

Missouri’s Concealed Carry Law has always been maintained to protect citizens’ information to the highest degree possible.  To accommodate law enforcement background checks and keep a balanced approach to protecting citizens from any form of firearms registry, Chapter 571. RSMo prohibits anyone from compiling or accessing information that is limited to local county sheriffs.  DOR’s new procedures have created a significant affront to the gun rights community by violating these laws.

While citing 32.090 as authority to scan source documents, they fail to point anyone to the very next provision which does in fact limit DOR’s practice by expressly prohibiting the collecting of individually identifying information on citizens without specific statutory authority.  (Which has never been given.)

32.091.7. The department of revenue shall not collect from persons applying for any driver’s license issued by the department any information by which such persons can be individually identified, unless the department has specific statutory authorization to collect such information; nor shall the department of revenue include on any driver’s license, in print, magnetic, digital, or any other format, any information by which an individual may be identified, unless the department has specific statutory authorization to include such information.

Here are two revealing documents exposing the financial and compliance reporting relationship between Missouri DOR and the National Homeland Security.  DOR heads have dodged, skirted, danced, avoided, and ignored multiple questions about their involvement with Homeland Security.  To quote multiple lawmakers, “they have outright lied to the Legislature and they have lied to the citizens of Missouri”!  Please take time to examine these documents.

One document is a 20 page report from the Center on Immigration Studies (identifies at least two federal grants in the amounts of $700,00+ and $2.99+ million);

and the second, a 35 page document, is a 2012 Congressional Report from the Department of Homeland Security (specifying the uses of four DHS grants 2008-2011), expose DOR’s secretive and unethical pattern of lies and deceitfulness;

The 2012 Congressional Report from the Department of Homeland Security was produced by the DHS (U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security) and compiled from States’ reports to DHS on their respective States’ transition to REAL ID.   It is important to note that the Missouri Department of Revenue has obviously participated in making progress reports to DHS, while at the same time pretending to the citizens of Missouri in general, and more specifically withholding the truth about their efforts from State Lawmakers!

Here is a simple rundown on many of the details you will find in the 2012 DHS report document:

  • Page 3 outlines the 18 “Material Compliance Benchmarks” DHS has established to standardize, federalize, and create a uniform national ID system known as REAL ID.
  • Page 7 charts the 50 States and additional Territories based on their number of “benchmarks” met.  Missouri DOR reports 15 out of 18 “benchmarks” were compliant before last fall (2012).
  • Also on Page 7-8 is a point made that DHS annual Grants (originally denied by DOR) go back to 2008 – making at least 4-5 grants to date from DHS to Missouri DOR.
  • Pages 9-11 explains Missouri DOR’s 15 “benchmarks” in comparison to the other States and Territories.
  • Pages 11-12 shows that the three “benchmarks” not reported to be in compliance with, was not even required to be reported on. (Thus having the least known reported compliance!)
  • (Based on the lack of required reporting, no one but secretive DOR agents has any real idea if in fact Missouri is in compliance or not.)
  • Page 15, paragraph 3,  (last two sentences) makes it clear the Missouri DOR can use grants while claiming they are not participating in REAL ID directly, as long as they are moving that way.
  • Page 17 explains the planned basic “infrastructure” for data networking and sharing, despite DOR’s insistence to the contrary.  (Raises MAJOR concerns about scanned documents security.)
  • Page 20 clearly states that Missouri DOR has signed a “Memorandum of Agreement”, “as required by the REAL ID Act” of 2005.  (Which DOR claimed not to be doing.)
  • Page 22 plainly reports that the “DHS is funding the instillation of the EVVE (Electronic Verification of Vital Events) network interface.
  • Page 23 shows that according to MO DOR’s report, Missouri is in fact “on-line with EVVE.
  • Page 27 “Assistance to States” says “DHS is using “multiple mechanisms” to provide assistance…” to States “intended to meet or “be comparable to”, REAL ID requirements”.
  • Page 27 also defines how DHS accepts State’s “Compliance Determinations.   (States are not required to meet or exceed REAL ID regulatory requirements as long s they are “comparable”.

Lies?:  For at least 4-5 years The Missouri Department of Revenue has been deceitful and has employed various tactics to mislead members of the State General Assembly and the citizens of Missouri!

Over the last month we have uncovered a pattern of documented lies which cast a dark cloud of distrust and angst over the agency.  Clear-cut and documented lies include (but not limited to):

–          DOR repeated claims that it has not received any federal funding for the new “enhanced” or “secure” driver license and non-driver license cards (including CCW endorsements).

–          DOR now admits that they have received “limited federal funding for minor items” (expensive hole punches), when in fact DOR has received millions for extensive REAL ID compliance.

–          DOR has created the illusion that recent controversial revelations are relatively new – when annual grants from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) go back to 2008 (at least).

–          DOR repeatedly claimed they are not working to implement ”Real ID” when in fact DOR now spin admissions that they are doing so “on our own” not ”with” the federal government.

–          DOR maintains claims that they are not working with the National Department of Homeland Security, when DOR is reporting to DHS their “benchmark” compliance reports.

–          DOR had reported to original inquiries from lawmakers that no data on Missouri citizens was being sent out of state – when in fact DOR now admits is the daily procedure.

–          DOR has responded to concerned inquiries from lawmakers, via email, that all data being sent out of state is deleted – when in fact they now admit no verification protocol exist.

–          DOR first stated to many lawmakers that all Missouri citizens’ personal ID information (scanned source documents) are being destroyed – now admitting it is being stored permanently.

–          DOR has emphatically stated over and over that biometric data cameras and photos are not being taken/used – but now have testified under oath that this is in fact the new procedure.

–          DOR has led everyone to believe the old processing equipment was in need of replacing, but has now admitted that the equipment was working just fine with normal repairs.

–          DOR claims the only reasons for upgrading equipment has been for citizens security, but now admits equipment upgrades are driven by “compliance” with the national REAL ID Act.

–          DOR says they are not implementing REAL ID under federal control (a clear violation of State law) but now admits voluntarily enacting all required “benchmarks” to be “compliant”.

–          DOR claims to have Statutory authority for the new controversial program being implemented, but only points to a provision in the state budget (which has no Statutory authority).

DOR’s Most Comprehensive Response To Date (that we know of) Still Fails to Address The Bulk Of Concerns And Questions

From DOR:

“The Department of Revenue receives information related to the license and the card.  The protection of this information is controlled by the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (Sections 32.090 and 32.091, RSMo).  With these protections in mind, several years ago the Department began working in a system that is both cost effective and able to ensure that information remains confidential.  The changes in the driver license and the issuance process are being put in place to protect Missouri citizens from criminals who want to obtain or produce forged copies of the licenses and identification cards to steal or manufacture identities.

 “In conjunction with the Office of Administration, and through the state purchasing procedures, the Department has signed a contract with a vendor to both replace some aging equipment and to issue secure licenses and identification cards to Missouri citizens.  The contract is between the state of Missouri and the vendor—no other entity mandated this contract.  Furthermore, the vendor does not receive any scanned source documents.  The vendor only receives data that is printed on the license itself, such as name, address, sex, height, weight, etc., and deletes the data one week after the document is printed. 

 “To specifically address some of the concerns, the license does not include any radio frequency identification (RFID) chip; the license does not include a magnetic strip; and no information is being transmitted to Homeland Security or any other federal agency.   The license and identification cards, however, include two bar codes.  The purpose of these barcodes is specifically explained on the Department’s website: one contains the same information as appears on the front of the card along with the county of residence of the license holder and the second is for inventory control only.

 “For more information, you may go to the Department of Revenue New Missouri Driver Licenses and Nondriver Identification Cards frequently asked questions at

We are striving to discern the facts surrounding this DOR controversy.  While many unsubstantiated claims have been made against DOR, it is apparent that the teams installing the new processing equipment in local license offices around the State had been providing confusing answers to LLO personnel’s questions.  Perhaps these people have assumed everything in Missouri was the same as in other states installing REAL ID systems, not aware that Missouri is only “complying”?  Whatever the case behind some of the false understandings, we do know that DOR has not been willing to  be forthcoming with either the citizens, local license offices, or even the General Assembly.  We apologize for any information we have distributed that is incorrect and renew our commitment to report facts and clarify unknowns as outstanding questions.

In response to two confused issues:  Originally, LLO personnel had been instructed to change past procedures of “flagging” questionable or suspected individuals processing driver licenses.  The new procedure was to automatically identify all persons using USPS Post Office address as potential “fraud alerts”.  This practice was dropped within two days after this controversial story emerged.  The second issue is that originally all local license offices were provided an access code to gain entry to the data base of scanned documents (managed by Oracle, the private vendor contracted to manage this database).  Once criticisms of potential security risks came to light, DOR cut off LLO access to this database.  (The database has not been destroyed or deleted as some reports claimed.)

As far as we understand at this point:  MorphoTrust USA is the private vendor processing Missouri driver license cards.  They receive at least (?) the “folio” files on Missouri citizens seeking driver license cards.  The company is based in New Jersey (?) but their processing facility is located in Atlanta, GA.  (L1 is an older DOR contract vendor that was acquired by Identity Solutions.  Identity Solutions was later acquired by MorphoTrust USA.  Various equipment bares any of these three names.)  MorphoTrust USA is a SAFRAN company, and SAFRAN is a huge international business based out of Paris, France.  The second private vendor with DOR is Oracle, which is charged with the maintaining the platforms for the database containing all the scanned source documents.  (Both companies are represented by lobbyist Richard McIntosh, listed by the Missouri Times as number 12 on the 20 most influential individuals with the Nixon Administration.) (?)

One of many questions that has not yet been adequately aired is, “why are citizens not told their documents are to be scanned before they know what is happening”?  We have heard from hundreds of angry citizens and they all share the same opening to their stories, that they were never told until afterwards (and only then when asking questions) that their documents were scanned.  No one has yet to report that they were ever given an option to cancel or pause the transaction until they understood what would occur!

Thank you for your service to the Great State of Missouri.

Local License Offices

Below is a list of remaining Local License Offices that have not been retooled with the new processing equipment for scanning citizens source documents.

Until full discovery is complete and we clearly understand what is going on, including why DOR has not been transparent about new procedures, citizens

may continue to process driver and non-driver license (CCW) cards at these LLOs.  Anyone whose CCW Endorsement or Driver License is up for renewal

within 6 months may go to any LLO in the State to get a new license card under the old process as long as the equipment has not yet been upgraded.  Any

original CCW endorsement applicants or renewals must still have completed all pre-qualifications and have the approved certificate from your Sheriff.


The dates listed for each office to be retooled are the dates provided to Missouri Family Network by the LLOs from our individual phone calls and inquiry.

Here are the remaining 47 Local License Offices using the old process for licenses, and expected dates for them to be retooled:


  CITY                             PHONE            SCHEDULED DATE                        ADDRESS                                                    


Branson                       (417) 334-2496           MARCH 15th                          1447 C ST HIGHWAY 248

Moberly                       (660) 263-4447           NEXT WEEK                         209 N CLARK

Ozark                          (417) 581-2955           NEXT WEEK                         103B W CHRUCH ST

Paris                            (660) 327-4382           NEXT WEEK                         112 S MAIN ST

Ava                             (417) 683-2700           NEXT WEEK                         304 NW 12TH AVENUE

Hartville                      (417) 741-6288           MARCH 18th                          398 S MAIN, STE. B

MonroeCity                 (573) 735-4585           MARCH 18th                          109 SECOND ST

Forsyth                        (417) 546-3085           MARCH 19th                          210 SHADOW ROCK DR

Lakeview                    (417) 272-8815           MARCH 19th                          11016 E ST HWY 76 BRANSON WEST

Nixa                            (417) 725-9697           MARCH 19th                          214A VILLAGE CENTER RD

Shelbina                      (573) 588-7790           MARCH 19th                          201 FAIRGROUND RD

Macon                         (660) 385-3416           MARCH 20th                          210 N RUBEY

Gainsville                    (417) 679-4117           MARCH 21st                          201 HIGH ST

BowlingGreen             (573) 324-0555           MARCH 22nd                         1420 BUS HWY 61 SOUTH

Monett                        (417) 235-6678           MARCH 22nd                          200 E BROADWAY

Louisiana                     (573) 754-6864           MARCH 26th                          202 SOUTH 3RD, STE. 113

Republic                      (417) 732-7557           March 27th                               243 US HIGHWAY 60 WEST

Springfield                  (417) 869-5100           March 29th                                 149 PARK CENTRAL SQ. RM 252

Bolivar                        (417) 326-5194           END OF THE MONTH         930 E SAN MARTIN ST

Alton                           (417) 778-2004           END OF THE MONTH         RT. 2, BOX 2592

Elsberry                       (573) 898-2213           END OF THE MONTH         106 NORTH 3RD, STE B

MountVernon             (417) 466-4087           END OF THE MONTH         1 COURTHOUSE SQ. FL #2

Vandalia                      (573) 594-3131           END OF THE MONTH         200 E PARK

WestPlains                  (417) 256-0678           END OF THE MONTH         1504 PREACHER ROE STE. 4

Linn                             (573) 897-4012           APRIL 1st                               1200 E MAIN

Mexico                        (573) 581-2665           APRIL 1st                                201 N ABAT

MountainView            (417) 934-2387           APRIL 2nd                               119 PINE ST.

Cabool                         (417) 962-5990           APRIL 3rd                               519 SPRUCE AVE

Hermann                     (573) 486-3212           APRIL 3rd                                312 MARKET ST

Gallatin                       (660) 663-5440           After April 1st ?                       400 N MAIN ST, STE. 1

Houston                      (417) 967-3878           1st  WK. IN APRIL                 1591 N HWY 63, STE B

MountainGrove           (417) 926-3333           1st WK. IN APRIL                 807 N MAIN ST., STE 5

Marshfield                   (417) 468-5100           1st WK. IN APRIL                 101 E JEFFERSON

Owensville                  (573) 437-4182           APRIL 8th                               1106 W HIGHWAY 28

Licking                        (573) 674-1232           APRIL 8th                               104 E HIGHWAY 32

Malden                        (573) 276-5006           APRIL 9th                               106 W LACLEDE ST

Buffalo                        (417) 345-2334           APRIL 13th                             945 W DALLAS

Osceola                       (417) 646-2901           2nd WK. IN APRIL                 260 BUS. HWY 13

MontgomeryCity        (573) 564-3033           NEXT MONTH                      652B S STURGEON

Troy                             (636) 528-6533           NEXT MONTH                      850 E CHERRY ST, STE. D

Glenstone                    (417) 831-2600           “NEAR FUTURE”                 1002 S GLENSTONE            SPRINGFIELD

Crane                           (417) 723-8552           “PRETTY SOON”                  103-2 SOUTH ST

WillowSprings            (417) 469-3944           UNSURE                                112 E MAIN ST

SouthFremont             (417) 823-8484           UNSURE                                3061 S FREMONT     SPRINGFIELD

Palmyra                       (573) 769-3264           REFUSED                              100 S MAIN ST

Thayer                         (417) 264-3001           CLOSED WED                      151 E WALNUT

Eminence                    (573) 226-3114           Unsure                                     116 N MAIN