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MFN – Under the Dome – April 13, 2013 & Gun Rights Rally 4/18/13


Missouri Family Network is leading a multitude of conservative battles in the Missouri Legislature.

We are proud to be the State’s leading pro-family voice in the State Capitol and equally proud to be the State’s worse organization at focusing on fundraising!

If you appreciate the fact that you have not received any fundraising letters or solicitations for over a year – please know that it’s not because we don’t need

your financial help.  It is because we are too busy fighting for your values to stop and do fundraising, plain and simple.  We challenge anyone to check out our

work and our reputation.  Ask anyone anywhere.  Seek out at least three individuals (lawmakers, activists, pastors, or other leaders who know us from any

venue).  If they cannot tell you what we are about and our successful reputation, we would not be justified to hammer you with fundraising letters anyway.

Thanks to those who continue to send us monthly support, and wives that are the most dedicated and understanding in the world, we get by.  But needs

for support continue to grow and we need your help to meet expenses.  Therefore we’re forced to include this note asking for your financial assistance.

But first we want you to understand our commitment and promise to continue with or without your financial gifts (told you we are terrible at this).

There are many who cannot afford to support one more organization and we refuse to compete in your postal box.  We do not want to challenge the

fine work being done by other organizations – many of which are our friends.  However, please visit and click

on the “Video – MFN: Who, What, Where, When, & Why?” link at the top of the home page.  If you will watch just part of this 15 minute

video, you will understand us much better.  Then, after watching this video and asking others about MFN, please prayerfully consider

clicking on the “DONATE” button back on the home page and prayerfully send us an electronic gift of financial support.

This is the only way we are funded, through individual gifts from supporters like you!

(Note that MFN is NOT tax exempt so we are free to work in defense of the values we hold dear without restrictions!)

Thank You

Gun Rights Rally!

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

10 am – 12 noon (or later ?)

First Floor Rotunda

Missouri State Capitol

Please come support Lawmakers trying to hold the

Rogue Department of Revenue Accountable!

Missouri Family Network

~ Defending the Traditional Family ~


Under the Dome

A Weekly Look Under Your Capitol Dome

A Pro-Family Perspective from the keyboards of

Abram Messer  &  Kerry Messer

April 13, 2013

Special Focus On Bills Related to the


Rogue Department of Revenue Scandal



Budget Bills for the Department of Revenue are being drastically cut by the Senate Appropriations Committee.  As the Committee is striving diligently to get officials to explain themselves to the Committee they are very frustrated and angered to keep finding the scandal goes deeper and wider every time they start a new line of questions.  Officials unwilling to answer with transparency are being grilled.  Note: The various line items in the DOR budget are being cut in proportion to the level of difficulty officials make the Senate Committee go through!



HCS HB 137 Introduced by Representative Hinson (R), requires all state agencies to obtain approval from the General Assembly prior to administering, implementing, or expanding any federal program. Perfected in the House on Tuesday, third read and passed through the House on Thursday.


Home School Rally

Home School Rally

Parental Rights & Home Education

Missouri State Capitol

Jefferson City

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 – 2:30 pm

Sponsored by:

Families for Home Education

In our generation Parental Right have come under attack like never before in America and Missouri!  Various levels of the federal government and even many influential activists in State government have been working to label you and I as suspect, even a threat to national security, just because we home school our children!

 Just as the Missouri Department of Revenue has (secretly) begun compiling a massive database of citizens and your source documents, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has conspired to begin a massive data collection on children and families through local schools.  By adopting the Common Core Standards initiative DESE has demonstrated the plan for Missouri to join with other States to provide as much detailed information as possible with the federal government.  How long do you think home schoolers can stay free?

 Home Education is a foundational rights that stems from the natural rights of the Family! Those who seek to undermine this right also work to fracture Parental Rights.  Here in our Great State of Missouri the fundamental principles of Parental Rights are not recognized even in State Statutes, much less in the Constitution!  It’s no wonder everyone lives in the fear of government coming to take away your children.

 Worst of all, the vast majority of child abuse accusations are treated under the law as “civil” violations rather than “criminal”.  As a result parents have NO Constitutional Rights that would help protect against false accusations.  Under most child protections accused parents are NOT assumed innocent until the government prove that you are guilty.  Instead, you are assumed to be guilty until YOU prove that you are innocent.  The State Children’s Division treats all such cases without affording you the basic rights respected of outright criminals!

 Parental Rights are too important to leave unprotected.  Please come to the Missouri State Capitol for this important rally.  With almost half of the 163 House members being new to the Legislature, and the remaining members serving only a few years (thanks to the impact of “term limits”) they must see and hear from you!  Of the 34 Senators and House members (197 in all) only a small fraction have ever seen a large organized group of Home Schoolers.

In 2009 3,000 home schoolers packed out the Capitol, but since then 80% of the General Assembly has been replaced and only a few have seen more than a tenth of these numbers at any given time.

Go to:

and check out HB 513, Sponsored by Representative Kurt Bahr, and

to see HJR 26, Sponsored by Representative Todd Richardson

Come thank these men and the many co-sponsors of these important bills.

Come and visit with your Representative and Senator to ask for their support also!

 Without your involvement Parental Rights will continue to be eroded until your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will no longer have the home schooling rights you enjoy today.