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CCW INCLUDED & OTHER UPDATES – MFN E@lert – Dept. of Revenue Violating Law!

The phones are ringing, the email is backing up, and the Facebook post are rolling!  But I don’t mind being swamped considering the magnitude of this week’s revelations!

UPDATES On DOR Violations of Missouri State Statutes – Followed by our original post for easy forwarding.  (hint – hint)

Please Note:  All  of  the  information  below   INCLUDES  ALL  CCW  ENDORSEMENTS !!!

Because CCW endorsements are either processed and included with your driver’s license, or on a DOR issued Non-Driver’s license, ALL of your original source documents including the CCW certificate issued by your County Sheriff is now being scanned and sent into the National Homeland Security federal database!

Second Amendment groups need to look into this and help spread the word!

Here are the common questions we are receiving and their answers:  (note many questions are coming from Facebook posts of those who have not seen the details at

  1. What is our source of information on this breaking news?   Our information is coming from confidential sources who work in local license offices, but who are scared to go public.
  2. Why support SB 252 if it only creates another law that would be ignored?   We are advocating first and foremost that citizens demand that the law be enforced and that those responsible be held accountable.  After that communication with your lawmakers we recommend support for SB 252 as an additional tool for the future.
  3. What is the documentation related to the RFID chip information below?   This come direct from Homeland Security’s website about their “Enhanced Driver’s Licenses”, (see below).
  4. Are other RFID chip issues pending in Missouri?  See SB 239, sponsored by Senator Ed Emery, to prohibit school districts from requiring RFID technology or devices for student identification.    This bill is scheduled to have a public hearing in the Senate General Laws Committee this coming Tuesday, March 5th, at 3 pm, in SCR1 on the first floor of the Missouri State Capitol.
  5. “My documents have already been scanned”, what can I do?   Wow – We know of nothing to reverse the offense.  We recommend you go to Jefferson City this next week and talk face to face with lawmakers about your experience!  Please contact us to arrange assistance with doing so.  We are raising the banner that the Legislature MUST step up to the plate and hold DOR accountable!
  6. “I am about to go to my local license office to renew my driver’s license / CCW”, what do I do?   We recommend you go immediately and ask if you can get renewed before their equipment is exchanged in that particular office yet.  If not, renew NOW.  If it is too late, leave immediately – DO NOT let them take your photo without complete processing or you could be put on a fraud list with the assumption that you could not prove who you were and the process was cancelled.  (This is the new instruction, take photo first then scan documents, in order to catch terrorists.)
  7. How do we enforce the laws being broken?   It all starts with public awareness and response.  This is a government agency violating State Statutes and without public outcry nothing will happen!
  8. When did this all start?  Because the retooling of local license offices is on a location by location basis, it is taking a long time and there is still variations of experiences from office to office.  The announcement that changes would occur was made in November 2012, with the actual change in process starting sometime thereafter, but it has not reached all areas of the State yet.
  9. “How can I protect myself?”   Please respond to the IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED below.
  10. What is being done about this unacceptable violation of laws and my privacy?   This is it.  MFN is leading the charge through public awareness and a demand for action.  Please help spread this information and encourage gun owners, drivers, and all citizens that they need to get on the phone with their elected officials at all levels!
  11. Can we just microwave the enhanced driver license?   Well we suppose so(?).  But this does not protect you from the damage already done by DOR in collecting your data and sending it into a national tracking database.  And since the same info will be stored on the magnetic strip you will have accomplished nothing but making yourself a fraud/suspect target for try to avoid detection.
  12. If this is true why is there no investigation or prosecution?   This is what we are trying to initiate through a focused campaign.  Since the information has just come to light, we are on step one.
  13. Can I opt out?  Absolutely not.  If your license or CCW is up for renewal you can run to the license office to see if you can get processed before they retool your location.  Otherwise join the fight.
  14. How do I share this information?  Feel free to forward this email, or simply direct folks to our website it has no commercial advertising, cookies, or pop ups!
  15. Does any of this apply to my CCW?   Absolutely – 100%  – with no exception or opt-out allowed.

Second Amendment groups need to look into this and help spread the word!

Repeated below this line is the original MFN E@lert released 3-01-2013.  Everything above this line is updated and clarifying information.